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Ph.D.   (Interdisciplinary Information Studies)
Graduate School of Engineering
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Tottori University
Associate Professor

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Address: 4-101 Minami, Koyama-cho, Tottori-shi, Tottori 680-8550, Japan
Room: 4203, F-4, Faculty of Engineering
E-mail: nishiyama ( @tottori-u.ac.jp )


SimpleTask-icon.jpg    Comparing the Recognition Accuracy of Humans and Deep Learning on a Simple Visual Inspection Task
HomomorphicEncryption-icon.jpg    Protecting Personal Information using Homomorphic Encryption for Person Re-identification
BodyswaySelfOcclusion-icon.jpg    Identifying People Using Body Sway in Case of Self-Occlusion
gazePrivacy-icon.jpg    Gender Classification using the Gaze Distributions of Observers on Privacy-Protected Training Images
Avatar-motion-icon.jpg    Directing a Target Person among Multiple Users using the Motion Effects of an Image-Based Avatar
OutdoorNavigation-icon.jpg    Visual Effects of Turning Point and Travel Direction for Outdoor Navigation using Head-Mounted Display
SandDunes-icon.jpg    Geo-localization using Ridgeline Features Extracted from 360-degree Images of Sand Dunes
Bystander-icon.jpg    Inferring State Transition from Bystander to Participant in Free-style Conversational Interaction
Canonicalplane-icon.jpg    Weakly Supervised Triplet Learning of Canonical Plane Transformation for Joint Object Recognition and Pose Estimation
gazeRF-icon.jpg    Weighted Random Forest using Gaze Distributions Measured from Observers for Gender Classification
BodySwayLocalMovements-icon.jpg    Temporal and spatial analysis of local body sway movements for the identification of people
TaskOrientedGazemap-icon.jpg    Extracting Discriminative Features using Task-oriented Gaze Maps Measured from Observers for Personal Attribute Classification
Avatar-navigation-icon.jpg    Evaluating Effects of Hand Pointing by an Image-based Avatar of a Navigation System
Avatar-bow-icon.jpg    Embedding the Awareness State and Response State in an Image-based Avatar to Start Natural User Interaction
co-occurrence-attributes-icon.png    Person Re-identification using Co-occurrence Attributes of Physical and Adhered Human Characteristics
Avatar-bodysway-icon.png    Synthesizing Realistic Image-based Avatars by Body Sway Analysis
EEG-AESD-CH-icon.jpg    Correlation Histogram to Improve Classification of Acute Encephalopathy in Infants Using EEG
virtualfitting-icon.png    Virtual Fitting by Single-shot Body Shape Estimation
AttentionFocusingUI-icon.png    Attention-Focusing User Interface using Region-based Edge Features
AudioSourceSeparation-icon.png    Audio source separation for various video contents
localregion.png    Aesthetic Quality Classification of Photographs Based on Color Harmony
Sunset.png    Sensation-based Photo Cropping
blur-icon.png    Facial Deblur Inference using Subspace Analysis for Recognition of Blurred Faces
HISM-icon.png    Recognizing Faces of Moving People by Hierarchical Image-Set Matching
CAQI-icon.png    Face Recognition using Classified Appearance-based Quotient Image
MCMSM-icon.png    Face Recognition using Multiple Constrained Mutual Subspace Method
PBAR-icon.png    Virtual Photometric Environment using Projector

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